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When i decide start blogging food i was thinking in the critic gastronomy way, now i am completely sure about that’s not everything i want to, i have a lot of things in my mind to share with you.

As Spanish girl i love the food from my country, everyone who been here once know what i´ m talking about, but i know how others try to explain it all in a globalizing world and sometimes if you don’t have the tradition in your blood the best details are left out  and then you can show something it is seem like the real one but it isn’t as a lot of recipes i´ ve cheeked in websites where they make churros with eggs, THAT´S CRAZY! The original churros batter doesn’t have eggs.

When i tried to learn about other countries gastronomy i´ ve always do it with natives born of the country because that is the best guarantee about that you are trying to learn, is in the right way.

So, that ´s why I’m writing for you about Churros recipe. They are becoming so famous in instagram but i never seen any Spanish showing them in English for you, my international lovers followers, so here we go.

This recipe is so easy for everyone and only will take five minutes in your life.


11 oz o wheat flour.

1 pt mineral water.

1/2 Tps salt

Sugar for sprinkles

olive oil only for fry

Pastry bag as a weapon for working with the dough.


  1. Boil water in a pot.
  2. Mix the boiling water with the wheat flour and the salt.
  3. Place the Mixture into the pastry bag and then fry them directly into the frying tan.
  4. Cheking the frying colour for not burning colour.
  5.  Serve in a plate with sprinkles of sugar.

Finally you can enjoy your Churros Breakfast as Spanish people use to do.